How to Use Laptop Keyboard on PS4|Step By Step Guide

Got a laptop and PS4 and looking for how to use laptop keyboard on PS4? You are absolutely in the right spot. Queries like this are always the primary concern of an enthusiastic gamer like you.

You can also buy your own separate keyboard (gaming Keyboard) for playing games on the PS4 nonstop. However, no doubt, you can also use the laptop keyboard on your Playstation 4.

Even though the PS5 has officially been released, there are still gamers out there using the PS4. That’s why they randomly look for the answers like this.

So, if you are one of those and have safely reached this blog post, please make yourself comfortable. Because we will make this clear through several ways as to how you can easily use your laptop keyboard on PlayStation 4. Let’s get this conversation started.

Is it okay to connect your laptop keyboard to PS4?

Before you go for making such connections, you need to know that is it okay and safe to use your laptop’s keyboard with your PS4? This is because your laptop keyboard is officially designed only for your laptop.

Using it with devices like PS4 might be risky or troublesome. Because most of the time, you don’t know the actual process as to whether you can make this possible or not.

It’s also true that some laptops come with the utility of using the keyboard for PlayStation 4. This lets you do easy web browsing as well as take controls in your hands with perfect movements. They require you no configuration and connect easily.

Playstation developers don’t add the functionality of using a Keyboard with their systems. Because it makes gaming a lot easier than before. However, it is quite possible that you can use your laptop’s keyboard with the PlayStation to make your playtime easier than before.

The primary thing we are gonna do is to connect your laptop with the PlayStation 4 and then do gaming with its mouse as well as keyboard. As a result, please hold on and figure this out until you don’t figure it out very shortly.

How can I connect the laptop’s keyboard with PlayStation 4?

As I have already told you, playing the PS4 with the laptop’s keyboard means you need to connect your laptop with the PlayStation. So that you can use its keyboard and mouse for playing games on the PS4.

You will learn how to remote play from your PS4 to your PC. After that, you will not need a remote controller for playing games as this would be much easier and faster than your competitors. However, you will also be required to download some needed stuff for making this connection successful.

This will make your PlayStation think that a controller is plugged in and you are actually playing with the controller. But who knows the real story? Of course, nobody else, but only you. However, that’s a bit tricky but believe me, you are gonna do this. So, let’s get this thing started.

Download the Official Remote play by Sony:

First of all, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the official Remote play by Sony on your PC or Mac. This will be a zip file that you can easily have on your system. However, you can also download this from the official website of Sony PlayStation.

But before downloading, make sure that your system meets all the requirements described on that page. If it is so, you are good to go for downloading and installing it. You can choose your desired control from the page.

After clicking on any of these, you will open a new page from where you can easily install the app. Once you have downloaded this app, you have proceeded to the next page.

Download the GitHub File:

After downloading the latest version of the previous app, you need to download another app in the zip file and given here. However, you can also download this from the official GitHub page.

So, when you are onto that page, scroll down a little, and you will find a bell icon.

After clicking on it, download the PS4 Macro latest version available to you on the next page.

Extract the GitHub Downloaded File:

Now Extract the zip file that you have downloaded from GitHub. Once extracted, open that file and make a new text document. Name it “Settings.” Then open it up. After opening this text document, paste this code into it. Paste the code, and save the file.

The next thing you are gonna do is to change the .txt with .xml. Click it and save it.

Open The PS4 Remote Play:

After completing the above-described settings, open the PS Remote Play App. Now, click on the PS4Macro.exe and run it as an administrator.

After running it as administrator, again click on the PS4Macro.exe file.

Your PlayStation will start connecting with the remote, which is actually your laptop’s keyboard.

This will ask you to use your controls from the controller, considering it a controller. Still, in actuality, you will be having your laptop for playing the games on PS4. That’s pretty cool.

Press the Start Button:

You can also change the position of your keyboard buttons while playing the games by going into the tools and then remapping. This gives you your dedicated controls on what you are a good player.

Please note: These files contain no malware or viruses that can harm your system. So, you can have them on your laptop without any worries.

So, you just saw how it is easy and relaxed connecting your laptop’s keyboard for playing games on the PS4. You can also watch the below given YouTube video if you are stuck on something.

How to play Games with Keyboard on PS4 instead of the controller?

Instead of using the keyboard of your laptop, you can also use a different and separate keyboard for playing games on the PS4. This would be much easier to play games through something like connecting a keyboard with Playstation.

It helps you in typing fastly, experiencing faster web browsing, and moving around quickly in different games. However, it is not a fortunate thing that only some games are on PS4 through this method.

This is because the developers ban some games like Call of Duty from playing with additional keyboard controls. This will give you more access to the controls over your enemy. Therefore, to make the playtime fair, they have added some games and not all games.

But how to connect a Keyboard with PlayStation?

Basically, there are two types of keyboards available these days. These include wired keyboards and wireless or Bluetooth keyboards. You can connect both types of keyboards with your PS4 for playing games. Let’s describe the connecting method of these both in a little precise detail.

Connecting a Wired Keyboard with PS4:

Making a connection of a wired keyboard with the PS4 is too easy. All of this requires you to locate the PS4’s USB ports. You can find two ports on the front side of your gaming console. These are mainly used for charging the controller. However, these can also help you connect your keyboard with the controller.

So, connect it and make sure that the connection is successful. If it is successful, your PS controller will take a little time to find the device, and once it has accessed it, you can use it independently. But in case you aren’t able to make this type of connection. You try a wireless Keyboard.

Connecting a Wireless or Bluetooth Keyboard with the PS4:

Now, let’s take a look at how you can connect your Apple wireless or any other Bluetooth keyboard like Logitech with your gaming console.

  • Open Your PS Controller and go to the After opening, scroll down to the devices.
  • After that, click on the Bluetooth Devices option. Now, hold onto the Keyboard Turning on the Button on your keyboard until it starts blinking. When it starts blinking, you can see the name of your keyboard in the Bluetooth devices list in the window available at your front.
  • Click on the showing keyboard name and try to connect it. When your controller detects it and goes for connecting, there will appear a code. You need to enter that Passcode through your wireless keyboard.

Today, you are good to go as your wireless keyboard is connected with your PS4 to play games on it. This was too simple, and see how easily you made a connection. Very much proud of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I connect a wireless mouse with the PS4?

You can connect a wireless mouse with the PS4. However, a wired mouse will be a better choice for a console since a wireless mouse is capable of losing sync with the console when working from a distance.

It is the latest technology you can experience with your gaming console. Still, it is easy to connect a wireless mouse to the PS4. You just have to plug in a single USB wireless receiver to the PS4 and the other to the wireless mouse. Or directly, you have to pair it with the console as you just have done in the keyboard case.

Q. Can I use Laptop Keyboard on PS5?

Maybe or maybe not. It is tough to predict whether the new PS5 will run on a keyboard or not. Because even Sony itself has not given any statement on what type of OS it will use on its next-gen console. So, this is just an assumption.

Moreover, they will likely use a type of OS that can be used on the computer. If that’s the case, then you might be able to use the laptop keyboard on PlayStation 5. But there won’t be any keyboard dedicated to PlayStation 5.

Q. Which one is best for playing games on PS4, a keyboard or a gaming controller?

The gaming controller is undoubtedly great, but the keyboard is the best choice for playing games on PS4. This allows you to become more independent during your playtime. It lets you easily surf the internet and use easy controls while gaming on the go. In this case, you can use a wired or wireless keyboard, depending on your choice.

However, if you want to set up a fast-gaming system, you must use a wired keyboard. This is because you can use the wired keyboard without any problem, and it also gives you a no-hassle experience.

The wireless keyboard will also work, and it is much more convenient than the gaming controllers or joysticks. However, you need to leave it close to the PS4 so that the wireless signals can work. And since you need to be focused on the gameplay, you need to have a wired keyboard.

Final Thoughts

It’s a fair thing to say that you have learned how to use a laptop keyboard on PS after reading this blog post. There are no hard and fast rules or complications regarding using your laptop keyboard to play PlayStation 4.

All you have to do is follow the described procedure in this article, and you will face no hassles. You might find yourself stuck on some games while playing them with the laptop’s keyboard because the developers haven’t allowed them. However, these will only be a few ones in the gaming console. So not a big problem.

Get ready to make your PlayStation experience much better than before by applying the procedure described here. However, if you find yourself confused or don’t know how to make the necessary settings. You can use our comment box to reach us. We are always available for your assistance. In the end, thanks for reading. Keep reading and have a nice day!

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