How to Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop?

How to rotate screen on Dell laptop is a common query that is being asked by many people these days. And if you find yourself between those, you are most welcome to the right solution that is given on this page.

Today, in this brief guide, we will figure out some important queries regarding different types of laptop screen rotating, and most importantly, we will figure out how you can do so with your Dell laptop.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the article.

Why would anybody want to rotate the screen of a laptop?

Well, that depends on your psyche. I mean, you can ask your laptop to do anything for you, and in those things, learning about how to rotate its screen while working on it is also included.

You might be busy doing some kind of graphic designing work or it might be a situation to see your laptop screen from a different angle. Or there could be any photograph that you wanna see from any other angle.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if there is any reason, you can easily rotate the screen of your dell, Hp, Acer, or other laptops.

How to rotate screen on dell laptop through keys?

Screen rotation is very simple and easy as it will take just a mere amount of time. Because you will have to press some keys and all is well. Therefore, let’s talk about what actually you need to do to make this happen. The screen rotating process on your dell laptop is given below in some simple steps.

The right keys: At first, press the CTRL+ALT keys both in the same combination.

The arrow keys: Now, use any arrow keys for rotating the display at 90 degrees towards the horizontal and vertical axis.

You can press from the keyboard of your laptop CTRl+ALT left arrow, Ctrl+Alt right arrow, Ctrl Alt arrow down, Ctrl+Alt arrow up for rotating it every time 90 degrees.

This is the simplest and easiest way you can try rotating or flipping the screen of your Dell laptop, even on any other laptop. Check Out Also Best Laptop for Vinyl Cutting

Rotating your dell laptop screen through internal settings using the control panel:

In any case, if your Dell laptop’s screen doesn’t rotate through the keyboard, you don’t need to worry. Because you can still rotate it by using the control panel. For rotating the display through this method, follow the following procedure.

Open the search bar of your window and search for the control panel. Click on it and open it.

Go to the Display setting of your laptop. Or, instead of this, just right-click on the desktop window and click on the display setting.

A new one will open and there you will find the complete settings to the display. Where you have the option of rotating the screen in the display orientation column, you can easily change the settings of the display from there.

Click for the portrait, landscape, landscape flipped, and portrait flipped. This will let you easily rotate the screen of your laptop by 90 degrees.

how to rotate screen on dell laptop

Rotating your dell laptop’s screen through intel graphics control panel:

If both methods don’t work or in case you need something more accurate and to the point, you can also rotate your laptop’s screen through the graphic’s control panel. This is very easy and is described as follows.

Go to the desktop, right-click and then click on the Graphics properties. You will have a new window and there you can find an option to the Display.

how to rotate screen on dell laptop

When you click on it, you get the complete settings of the graphics on your laptop.

When you have this, you can use the rotation panel for flipping your laptop screen to 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. So, you will appreciate the smart work you have done in rotating your Dell laptop’s screen.

how to rotate screen on dell laptop

However, the different graphics cards will give you different options for display through different types of software. But do not worry because you’re gonna tackle it easily.

How to unlock screen rotation on a Dell laptop?

Sometimes when you try to rotate your laptop screen through the hotkeys, it doesn’t happen. But why? This is because the auto-rotation feature is not on yet on your laptop, you will have to turn it on and then you can easily access the hotkeys for rotating the screen of your laptop.

You can simply turn it on by going to the display setting through the control panel. There you will find the option of turning it on to let you change the rotation of your laptop.

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How to rotate the screen on a Dell Chromebook?

On the Dell Chromebook, you can rotate the screen by using some keys. For this, all you have to do is to press the Ctrl, Shift and Refresh keys collectively. This will rotate your Chromebook screen to 90 degrees.

The Refresh button on a Chromebook looks like a curving window and is located above 3 or 4 on your laptop keyboard.

How to physically rotate Dell monitors?

In case you have a Dell monitor, you can also rotate it easily. You just have to make sure that you have made certain settings on your monitor.

Firstly, make sure that the Dell display manager is installed on your computer.

Secondly, when you connect a monitor with the computer, it detects it to make sure that you made a successful connection.

Thirdly, Open the OSD menu and Select Menu settings. From there, select rotation, and then you can easily rotate your dell monitor to portrait or landscape mode by 90 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Rotating the screen of your Dell laptop is not much difficult when you are aware of the alternative and short-cut ways for doing so. Therefore, I hope that the article has helped you a lot in revealing your worries regarding how to rotate a screen on a Dell laptop, and now you can easily rotate it. Sure, you can because there is nothing left undone.

Hence, this was all for today. Let’s see you soon on another great topic. Have a good day ahead and let me know if you have more queries to ask or information to add.

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