How To Remove Battery From Gateway Laptop?

Greetings, dear reader. If you have just opened this page, I know that you would be looking for an easy guide that could teach you how to remove battery from gateway laptop? Right, isn’t it? And if you have the same intentions of being here, you are in the right place.

Because today, through some easy and simple steps, I will teach you how to remove the battery from the gateway laptop or any other laptop if you have one. There is nothing that should be bothering you and nothing you would be missing out on.

Therefore, please make yourself comfortable and start reading this particular piece of content with me that leads you to learn the battery replacement or removal of a laptop-like gateway. Let’s worth the time and start describing what we have here today.

Why Do You Need To Remove Battery From Your Gateway Laptop?

Before you actually go for removing the battery of your gateway laptop, you should know the fundamental purpose of what you are doing.

It’s no rocket science because everyone knows the exact problem they are facing and needs to remove the battery of their laptops respectively.

However, here are some conditions you can find yourself in to understand why you need to remove the battery of your gateway or any other laptop.

  1. In case your laptop gets frozen, and you need to remove the battery to give it a fresh restart. (yes, you can unfreeze your gateway laptop just by doing this).
  2. You want to remove it for the cleaning of the battery compartment of your laptop.
  3. Or in case your laptop’s battery gets defective and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Plus, there could be any other scenarios like cleaning the laptop, performing any upgrade, or anything like that. You go for removing the battery of your laptop at first.

Therefore, you should learn how to remove the battery of your gateway laptop in some simple steps.

Is It Possible To Remove Battery From A Gateway Laptop?

Checking and knowing if it is possible to remove the battery of your gateway laptop is also important because you might be trying to do a thing that is not practically possible.

However, that’s not gonna happen here.

Because, unlike the mobile phones that come with a built-in battery, that cannot be removed. Or if removed, then not without taking the help of mobile operating professionals, laptops batteries are not like that.

You can easily remove your laptop’s battery on your own if you exactly know how to do so.

Therefore, it’s all possible to remove the battery of your gateway laptop or any other branded laptop you are currently using.

What Things Should You Consider While Removing The Battery Of Your Gateway Laptop?

Now, since you have known that it’s entirely possible and reasonable to do and replace or remove your laptop’s battery, you can do it pretty quickly.

However, here are some important things you should consider while removing the battery of your gateway laptop. Please take a bit more distinct look!

Turn Your Laptop Completely Off:

The first thing you would do is to make sure no power must be running through your gateway notebook before you go touching its battery. It is essential to keep your laptop safe from unavoidable defects.

Therefore, you should remove any kind of plugin source, including the wall switch. And most importantly, you should turn your laptop off to make sure nothing is running over it.

Remember The Custom Settings:

If you have made any kind of custom settings on your gateway laptop, you must write it down.

Because removing the battery might cost you losing these settings, it will not be great if you go for that.

Be Gentle With Your Laptop:

While Removing or touching the body of your laptop, you have to be gentle. You should put gentle pressure on your laptop body and make sure nothing should go under pressure.

Because if you do that, you might cause your laptop a hardware issue.

Get The Same Battery:

In case you are considering replacing the battery of your laptop, you must be sure to get the same battery with the same model. Otherwise, you may not be able to install it on your laptop.

So, choosing the suitable model for the gateway battery replacement must be noted down and replaced correctly.

Keep Your Battery Safe And Dry:

It is also important to remember that you should always keep your battery in a safe and dry place. Please don’t put it inside too much humidity because it’s not safe for the battery and its internal chemicals.

How Actually You Remove The Battery  Of Your Gateway Laptop?

Since you have set yourself on a mission and will not take a relief until you don’t be able to remove the battery of your laptop, you are guided rightly.

Here, I am going to describe some simple steps that would help you remove the battery of your laptop.

Therefore, you must stay attentive and focused, following every step I will describe below. Without wasting time, let’s take a deeper look.

Turn Your Laptop Off:

Before starting, you should know that the original process could be a little different with every gateway laptop model and brand out there. So, start by turning your laptop completely off. Ensure that every power source is plugged out, and no power should be running from the laptop.

Turn The Laptop Upside Down:

In this step, turn your laptop upside-down, and you will be able to see a significant portion of its back body covered with a battery compartment. When you turn it on the backside, you will find buttons that would be there to accomplish something meaningful.

Push The battery Removal Buttons:

Those buttons you would see will be holding your laptop battery in its place. So, to remove the battery, you need to push the buttons in the opposite directions. Make sure to push both buttons simultaneously and use your fingertips for that. While removing, make sure to have your hands on the battery as well. Because it will start releasing in this way.

Remove The Battery:

Finally, while releasing, you will reach a stage where you will be able to have the battery in your hands. It will finalize that your battery has been removed completely.

Because once done, you will have accomplished the goal of gateway battery removal.

Inserting The Battery Again:

Now, you can replace this old battery with a new one or insert the same one into the battery compartment of your gateway laptop.

For this, you need to place the battery into the battery compartment and gently push the buttons again towards the closing directions.

It will inject your battery at the same place where you have removed it, and you can again go for operating your laptop with the new battery. Just turn it on, and you are good to go.

However, if you find yourself lost at any point or if it is difficult for you to do this, you can watch the below video to complete the process thoroughly. This video contains the whole battery removal process from your gateway laptop of yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Gateway Laptop Battery Location?

To find the location of your gateway laptop battery, you can have it on the backside of your laptop. There will be a dedicated compartment for that with the locked buttons fixed at the same place.

So, all you need to do is turn your laptop upside-down, and you can have it right there. Therefore, locating your battery on your gateway laptop is not difficult.

How To Find If Your Gateway Laptop Battery Is Not Working?

To find if your gateway laptop is not working and the reason is battery or if the battery is not working, you can take a general idea. It’s not that big a deal finding the functionality of your laptop battery.

Mostly, if your laptop doesn’t turn on when the battery is plugged in, there could be a problem with the battery’s working.

Besides this, another problem could happen and cause the normal working of your battery if you have been using it for a very long time. Or, there could be a defect with the battery itself that might cause it not to work anymore.

How To Remove Battery From HP Laptop Windows 10?

In an HP laptop, you can use the same procedure for removing your laptop’s battery. It is not difficult to do because removing the battery is so simple and easier. Anyone can do it if they know where the battery is?

What Is The Gateway Laptop Battery Price?

It could vary from laptop to laptop, model to model, and brand to brand.

However, it could come in up to 50 to 200 dollars varying from different laptops for a general idea. Therefore, you can always browse online and find the best battery for your desired laptop model.

Why Is My Gateway Laptop Battery Not Charging?

If you see the symptoms of your gateway laptop battery not charging, there could be some possible reasons for happening. Here are some I have already listed so you can take a look.

  • Your charger might be faulty, or the AC adapter might be at fault.
  • The battery of your gateway laptop might have been drained or damaged already, which could cause your laptop’s normal working.
  • Your laptop’s battery might have charged fully and not need to be charged again.
  • Your battery could go effective.
  • The charging port could go damaged or defective.

How Do You Remove The Laptop Battery If It Is Built-In?

If you see that your laptop has a built-in battery, you can open it by removing the back panel of your laptop case. This is possible to do by yourself. But just in case you figure out you cannot do it by yourself, you can go for a laptop technician and ask him to do this for you. It’s easy and quick to replace the built-in battery of your laptop.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, if you have followed this guide to this end, you might have learned how to remove battery from gateway laptop. It is not that big deal replacing and opening it all by yourself. Therefore, you can follow it and find the perfect solution to remove the battery, not just the gateway one.

But also the other laptops you have. However, if you find yourself lost at any point, you can go to the comment box and tell your problems there. It would take a second, and you will be able to find the answers to your questions.

In the end, thanks for reading this article. If you have found it informative and really liked it, you can share it with others. Thanks for reading, keep reading, and have a nice day!

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