How to Open Hp 15 Laptop Step by Step Guide In 2022

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How to Open Hp 15 Laptop – Opening the Base Model:

Without wasting time, let’s start our process of opening your HP laptop. There are certain things you need to know while opening it and apply different tools accordingly. But don’t worry, because I will cover each and everything in this blog post.

First thing first, you should have some gadgets in order to open your HP notebook. Here is the list of all of them.

  1. A Philp screwdriver
  2. Plastic Case opener
  3. A mattress or pad where you will perform the procedure or a table
  4. A piece of cloth for cleaning your laptop parts

Now, let’s begin the procedure.

Step 1- Start With Removing the Battery:

The first thing to do is to turn off your laptop, place it on a desk or mat, and remove its battery.

Also, your DVD/CD drives must be made indiscreet before you start disassembling your laptop. Make sure that you have removed the DVD drive.

Remove the bottom screw from the case in order to remove the problem. Figure out all the screws that were not visible when you assembled your Notebook.

Step 2-Removing the Bottom:

In this step, use the Plastic Case opener to remove the palm rest from the bottom case. Now, rotate your laptop 180 degrees and remove the bottom plate by pulling it off.

Step 3: Dispatching the Case from the Hard Drive:

You will see that the hard drive bracket is attached to the case. In order to remove it, use the Philp screwdriver to remove those three screws that are holding the hard drive bracket to the case.

Now, remove the yellow-colored cable of your hard drive from the motherboard. You need to do this in case your hard drive has been exhausted.

After this, unlock the connectors and release the cable from there. For doing this, you need to allow the locking tab to be carefully raised to release the cable.

This will make you pull out the cable from the connectors.

Step 4: Removing the Hard Drive Assembly:

Once you have done all the above things, you need to open your laptop to remove the hard drive assembly.

In case if you have a normal hard drive working on your laptop, you should replace it with a Solid-State drive for enhanced performance and faster booting performance.

However, if the hard drive has got defective, you should replace it with the new one. For this, you will also have to move the bracket and SATA cable with the new one as well.

Step 5: Remove the RAM Modules

There is a place for having two RAM modules in an HP Laptop. You need to remove both of them one by one.

Step 6: Remove the USB LED Status Board:

When you remove the screws from the RAM modules, it will unfix the USB LED status board. After this, unplug the power cord from the motherboard.

Now, remove the LED status board.

Step 7: Remove the Optical Drive:

Use the screwdriver and remove all the screws that are holding Optical Drive in its place. After that, remove the power cord or cable from the motherboard.

Doing this will let you disconnect the optical drive board.

Step 8: Remove the Cooling Fan:

Next comes your cooling fan. In order to remove it, remove all the screws that are holding the cooling fan. After this, disconnect the motherboard power cable from the power supply.

Now, remove the cooling fan. The hint is, that with the DC power jack at the hinge in different HP notebooks, insertion and removal of the battery is less difficult. Why don’t you remove it?

Step 9: Remove the Necessary Cables:

In this step, you need to disconnect the Wireless network cable or Ethernet face from the Wi-Fi card. Also, make sure that the motherboard power switch connector is perfectly removed from the DC port of the motherboard.

Before you go to remove screws from the display hinge, make sure that all the cables are away from the monitor.

Step 10: Removing the Button:

Remove the DC power jack by opening up the hinge of your HP laptop.

You will see that on the right side of the laptop, there is a power button located in the same place. You need to remove the screw and unplug the motherboard cable from the unit.

In case you want to preserve the button, start peeling off the cable from the case and remove the button board. After this, remove the screw given on the side of the slot and take the card out.

Step 11: Remove the Motherboard and Other Necessary Parts:

Here, at this point, the game is only 5 screws and your motherboard will be removed from its place. You can also unplug the keyboard, Speaker cables, and touchpad.

However, the motherboard can only be removed if it is separated from the case.

In most HP laptops, the Keyboard comes riveted at the top of the case and doesn’t come apart like some other models.

If the keyboard gets damaged or stopped working, you will be required to replace the whole case of your HP laptop.

Moreover, the board that controls the touchpad is attached, but it can still be detached.

How to Open the HP laptop Screen or Remove it?

Removing the screen is far different from opening other parts of your laptop. There is no doubt as you can easily dispatch the display panel but, you must remove the battery first if you go for this.

Commence your effort to separate the monitor from the rare case of your laptop. You need to use a wiggling motion to remove the bezel from the case. Starting from the top to going down, move it around the whole display.

In order to secure the LCD screen with the bezel, use a piece of adhesive tape on the rim. Lay it towards its side.

Now the simple talk is,

  1. Take the whole dial forward.
  2. For removing the LCD, take out all the screws that are securing the LCD panel to the brackets.
  3. In case you have the flexibility, place the laptop’s screen panel on the keyboard of the laptop.
  4. For this, all you will have to do is to place the cable into the socket.
  5. Be careful while removing the copper strip from the screen.
  6. Now, remove the cable and detach the monitor’s video cable from the panel by using the cable that you have used for securing it.
  7. In case you find the LCD needed to be replaced, remove it totally and have a new one. You need to find the exact model of LCD to replace it with the older one.

There you go, as you are now aware of how to remove the LCD panel of your HP laptop. It is so simple and easy.

How to remove the back cover of the HP 15 laptop?

The back cover of the HP 15 laptop is not easily removable. Press the cover tip into the gap between the display panel and keyboard then lift.

How to open the HP laptop lid?

Most HP laptops open by pushing the lid towards the display. If that does not work, then try pushing the display towards the laptop. You can try pushing the display towards the laptop with two fingers, one on each side of the display. Then push the display with both hands towards the laptop.

Try to open the laptop. If the lid does not open, then press the power button. The laptop will open completely. You can now remove the AC adaptor or the battery. If the laptop is still not opening, then you should take the laptop to the service center.

They will charge you for diagnosing the laptop. You can then fix the laptop or replace it. The warranty coverage will end if the laptop is serviced by any unauthorized service center.

Do I need to visit a repair center or open my HP laptop by myself?

The best way to repair your HP laptop is to find a good technician for this. It will save you time and you can easily get rid of such problems as water damage, broken LCD screen, cracked casing, etc. Such problems can be easily solved by a qualified technician. But if you know what you are doing, then, of course, it’s possible to repair your laptop by yourself.

How much does it take to repair your HP laptop?

The cost of repairing your laptop depends on what you need to fix and the place you take it to. This cost may range from $35 to $300 or more! If you can fix it on your own, then do it and save a huge amount of money. It’s no rocket science and you will not need to buy high-priced tools and equipment to fix your laptop.

In what cases do I need to open my HP laptop?

There might be many cases where you feel like opening your laptop. If you feel there is something wrong with the system, then it might be a good idea to open the laptop. You can also open it if you are moving or replacing the system or any other hardware. Opening your laptop is generally not recommended if the laptop functions correctly.

Final Words

Did you finish your coffee while reading this masterpiece? Of course, you did and I know that now, you are much familiar with this how-to open hp laptop step-by-step guide. The process is simple and easy to follow. But in case you find it a little typical or complicated, you should visit your nearby computer repairing center.

Moreover, if you have any queries to ask or information to add, please feel free to reach out. I would love to reply to your texts. Thanks for reading, keep reading. Have a great day ahead.

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