How to Measure the Size of a Laptop?

How to measure the size of a laptop is a common query when you go buying a suitable laptop bag for yourself. Suppose you have liked a backpack for your laptop online and want to have it right away.

But you find yourself in a confusing situation as to whether this backpack will easily fit your laptop or not? Are you getting the most compatible and suitable one? And a lot more questions.

Therefore, I would ask you to leave the worries aside. Because today, in this article, we will figure out completely how you can easily measure the size of your laptop including its height, length, depth, screen size, and compatibility. So, have a cup of tea for yourself and let’s have a good day.

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How to measure the size of a laptop – Step by Step Process

Professionals always look for professional fitting while purchasing their things. Like, suits, socks, boats, and also, laptop backpacks. Therefore, having the exact measurement in case you are going to have a decent and stylish but also suitable laptop backpack for yourself, you must have the right information about the size and fitting of your laptop.

Hence, let’s start measuring the size of your laptop in a step-by-step process where things are pretty easy to understand and consider. You will have no doubts, and at the end of the day, you will make a decent purchase while getting a laptop backpack.

Step 1: Get a Measuring tape

First, get a measuring tape for easy measurement of the size of your laptop. Because there are no other things that you can use easily while measuring. A measuring tape reveals a piece of easy and exact information while you start measuring anything.

Step 2: Find the exact point of measuring

Before you start measuring the size of your laptop, you need to confirm from where you need to start it. Most likely, we start measuring a laptop from its screen size. Therefore, you will measure the screen size of your laptop and then look for further measurements.

How to measure the screen size of your laptop?

To measure the screen size of your laptop, take the measuring tape and point it at the bottom left corner or top left, bottom right, or top right corner of your laptop screen.

It doesn’t matter from where you start. But just make sure that you are not including the enclosure. Because screens are measured from only visible parts, not the area which includes the screen.

Now, put your one thumb from where you started measuring (consider bottom left) and start measuring the screen diagonally to the upper right corner of the screen.

This will reveal the screen size of your laptop in inches. Remember, this is also called the size of your laptop. And a bigger concerning thing before buying a backpack or sleeve.

However, as you know that the screen is embedded inside the bezel, so while measuring. The bezel of the laptop is not included, as I said above.

Step 3: Converting Inches into Centimeters

Usually, laptops are measured and sized in inches. But you will find some retailers who prefer this measurement in Centimeters. But no worries, as you can easily convert inches into centimeters.

Suppose your laptop screen size appears to be 12.3 inches. To convert it into centimeters, you need to multiply it by 2.54. Because 1 inch = 2.54cm. Here you will have the measurement into centimeters.

12.3 x 2.54 = 31.24 CM

So, through this, you can easily convert inches into centimeters.

Step 4: Converting 16th of inches into 10th of inches

Most likely, if you are measuring your laptop size with a measuring tape. It can be in 16th of inches. But commercially, the only 10th of an inch is used to measure the size of your laptop.

For converting 16th of inches into 10th, take the following examples.

16ths Inch10ths Inch
11 10/1611.6
13 5/1613.3
14 2/1614.1
15 6/1615.4
17 5/1617.3

Step 5: Measuring the Height of your laptop

Since it is an obvious fact that the laptops are measured in width x height x depth dimensions. So, you will also learn how to measure these dimensions of a laptop. Therefore, let’s know how to measure the height of your laptop.

For measuring height, you need to close your laptop first. Once you’ve done it. Take the measuring tape and measure your laptop from top to bottom or bottom to top. You will be making this measurement vertically. This will give you the measurement in inches. Hence, you will have the height of your laptop.

Step 6: Measuring the Width of your laptop

To measure how much wider your laptop is, keep the laptop closed as I asked you to do in the above step. Take the measuring tape and measure your closed laptop towards its logo side from one side to another Horizontally. Once you have done measuring, you will have the width of your laptop.

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Step 7: Measuring the Depth of your laptop

The last thing that takes part in the size measurement is its depth. For measuring depth, place your laptop towards the upside as you can see its opening lid. Or hold it in your hand. Now measure the depth by measuring how thick your laptop is.

This means how much space or how vast a body it has when it is closed? This will appear in only a few inches and you will have the depth of your laptop easily.

Measuring depth is a concern with the older thick body including models. However, these days many laptops are smart, sleek, and ultra-portable. So, they don’t seem like they even exist. That’s why their depth doesn’t matter at all.

Congrats! Because you’ve successfully measured the size of your laptop. This is much easier and takes you no hassles while measurement.

Other ways to measure the size of your laptop

Besides measuring the size of your laptop with measurement tape you might be concerned about how to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring right, isn’t it? Therefore, no worries because you can get information about its size easily through several other ways. Some of them are mentioned as follows.

Taking help from Google–Find the serial number of your laptop, its model number with the brand. Then Google these details about your laptop. When you will be at the right page that includes all the information about your laptop. You can easily find its dimensions, screen size, and other measures there.

Look onto the laptop box–Another way to know the size of your laptop is to look onto the box in which it was first packed. Find it and you will have the complete information.

The delivery information–Also, the delivery slip includes the size of your laptop with its serial number, brand, and model information if you’ve ordered your laptop online.

Visiting the nearby computer store–Moreover, you can go to your nearby local computer or laptop repairing store. There, you can ask the expert to measure the size of your laptop and give you exact information. He will do the job for free and in no time.

How to know what kind of backpack will suit my laptop best?

Now you’ve finally made the measurement. You can decide what your next mission is? Therefore, there are two situations regarding this measurement. The first one is if you’ve made this measurement for no purpose and just to check out what is the actual size of your laptop? Then it is okay. Have fun.

However, if this goes towards buying a laptop sleeve or backpack that must be compatible enough to easily fit your laptop. Do not worry, you can also do it easily. For this, all you will have to specify is what laptop’s fitting a particular laptop backpack is offering?

This means if the backpack description says that it can easily fit laptops from 13 to 17 inches, then your laptop will certainly fall into this size range. Suppose you have a 15.6 inches laptop and the backpack fitting is just limited to 15 inches. You shouldn’t buy that.

However, if the backpack size or dimensions are enough. Say 17 inches to hold a 15.6 inches laptop easily. Then you can definitely go for the purchase.

But never forget to look for the material quality, durability, reasonable price, multiple pockets, dedicated laptop compartments, and other essentials before buying a backpack for yourself (your laptop).

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How to find laptop screen size in Windows 10?

You can also find the screen size of your laptop manually. And if you are running Windows 10 operating system. Then it is going to be much easier to do. Just write a display in the search bar of your window and you will have all the information related to your laptop display. There you will find the exact screen ratio that will let you know the screen size (basically laptop size) of your laptop.

How to convert laptop dimensions in cm from inches?

The conversion is very simple. Just measure the size in inches. Multiply it with 2.54. Because 1 inch = 2.54 cm. And you will have the size from inches to centimeters.

Can my laptop fit inside a backpack?

Yes, it definitely can. But only if you get a backpack with the exact size of your laptop. Or your laptop comes in the range of sizes a particular backpack is offering. This means a 17 inches laptop can easily fit inside a backpack that offers compatibility of 17 inches laptops.

Final Sayings

After reading this article, I hope that you have well-known how to measure the size of a laptop. The process is simple and easy to follow. But one can also find the right size of his/her laptop easily from the information given about it on different platforms. So, no worries at all whether you do this on purpose or not.

Hence, this was all for today. If you have more queries. Please! Let me know through the comment box. Moreover, take extra care of yourself and see you soon on another great topic. Have a great day ahead.

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