How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters?

What an unpleasant situation it would be if you are in the middle of something while typing faster with your keyboard to finish document stuff and you ultimately find that the keyboard appears typing wrong characters. Now, you ask yourself the same question as How to fix laptop keyboard types wrong characters? Seriously I have faced this a lot of time and that’s why I had to figure this out for myself.

Why does a keyboard type wrong Characters sometimes?

The thing is we all have experienced the same issue before: we type a sentence and see that some of the letters are wrong or it just doesn’t look right. The laptop keyboard types wrong characters and this happens because of several reasons.

The major reason for laptop keyboard typing wrong characters is the accumulation of fluff. Fluff is tiny dust particles, hair, etc., which get accumulated on the keyboard. As a result, when you type the keys, it gets pressed by the fluff particles. It is one of the reasons behind your laptop keyboard typing wrong characters.

However, despite this, several reasons could stop your keyboard from typing the right characters or missing them. Well, no matter what it is, we are here to solve this problem together. Figuring out several methods to make this work, let’s explore this blog and find what we can do in a time of crisis when a keyboard doesn’t work well.

So, let’s start what we are up to today!

Fix your laptop’s errors manually:

Most of the time it happens that certain errors cause your laptop to have issues. Like just in the case of your keyboard typing wrong characters. But don’t worry, you are gonna fix it in case it is caused by errors only.

You can use the Restoro PC Repair Tool that fixes the common errors of your PC. It protects data from loss, malware, and it prevents hardware failures by providing optimized performance for your PC. So, you can have this software installed and fix issues on your laptop through some simple steps as given below.

  • Download the RESTORO PC REPAIR TOOL that is available with patented Technologies.
  • Now, install the software and open it. After this click on Start Scan and it will start finding your PC issues that would be causing PC problems.
  • Now if you find issues on the screen, click on the Repair All and it will start fixing your problems.

The fact is, keyboards usually do not exert issues as they are peripheral devices that can be used for a longer period. However, still they are hardware so they issue sometimes. Now let’s talk about some highly appreciated ways for fixing this issue.

Check the NumLock of your keyboard:

When your keyboard appears typing the wrong characters, there is no big cause as it might be due to that you have to forget to turn off the NumLock. So, if you see that the NumLock light is on the keyboard, turn it off.

This will take you back on track and your keyboard will start typing normally.

Uninstall the previous keyboard drivers:

Sometimes the problem might start to happen because of the old keyboard drivers that are not updated for a longer period or there might be any other issue with them. So, what to do in this case? Follow some simple steps given below.

Click on the Start button, search for Device Manager and you will have a window like this.

how to fix laptop keyboard types wrong characters

Here, you will find the keyboards option. And then you will click on it. You will have the drivers, click on them and uninstall them.

Now, reboot your computer system without reinstalling these drivers. In this way, your laptop will ask or require you to install these drivers on its own.

After this, you can again launch the Device Manager and you will have the drivers installed one more time.

This will probably fix the problem of your keyboard typing wrong characters or having issues with it. But in case it doesn’t, you can go for the next option. Read Also: Best Laptop for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Updating the Keyboard drivers by using DriverFix:

If you don’t get this fix through the above method, using software named DriverFix will make you do so. You can recover all the missing drivers on your PC through this software. DriverFix is software designed for automatic update drivers on PCs. It can scan all drivers on your computer and detect if any driver is outdated. This tool has an automatic driver update option that can update drivers in no time even without your asking or attention.

However, for fixing your keyboard drivers. just follow the simple steps given below.

  1. First of all, Download the DriverFix software and install it. Once you have done this, the next steps are very simple.
  2. Open the software and press the Scan Button given in the update feature. It will take a couple of minutes to scan your entire system and will give you the results of all the problems that are required to fix and a list of drivers that are needed to be updated.
  3. Now, Press the Update button if you are agreeing to continue the process. This tool will probably warn you about the possible outcomes but you can ignore them.
  4. You should also allow the tool for fixing all the outdated drivers in your system.

The tool is not only for this purpose, but you can also fix many other Windows issues like issues with network failures or sound qualities.

With its Advanced System care tool, you can optimize the entire system with only one click.

Keyboard Language Setting:

Another way of fixing the problem of the Keyboard suddenly typing wrong characters is checking for the keyboard language setting. You can do this through the following simple steps.

Open the taskbar of your laptop, type Language, and open the Settings menu for setting different language options.

After having a window like the given below in front of you, Go to the spelling, Typing, and keyboard settings.

how to fix laptop keyboard types wrong characters

Now, scroll a little down and Select the Advanced Keyboard Settings option.

From here, select the option to the same language as the default language. And then close this window.

However, if you use a different language, then you will have to download the corresponding language in the list by this method.

Open the search bar of your window and Type Language. You will have a new pop-up when you will click on the language option.

From here, you can add and download your desired language to add into the keyboard keys so that whenever you type, you have the same characters you are wishing to type.

So, if you were using a different language on your laptop while typing through the keyboard, this function will fix the problem. However, if this still doesn’t fix the problem, then don’t worry, we still have other ways to fix this.

Go for Windows or Operating system Updates:

Sometimes the errors might happen due to the no availability of OS updates. In case you haven’t updated your operating system for a long while, you should do this as soon as possible.

The thing is, if you are not onto the latest version of Windows 10, you might be missing some quality updates which you need to update as soon as possible. Press the update button and get yourself on track. This will fix a lot of defects within your system and will make you run error-free.

Restart your PC and get back to work.

However, there is news that installing new updates might break your keyboards. However, if this happens, you can uninstall the new updates and go to your old OS.

By running the Keyboard Troubleshooter:

The Windows 10 troubleshooting tool is a lifesaver and fixes many errors and issues on your computer. It can also check and update your computer and install new drivers, and it works on most Windows 10 devices. One of the most popular features is the ability to diagnose and fix common problems, and you can use it to fix the most common conflicts, update your device, and restore your computer from a previous backup.

In case you have a keyboard typing issue, go to the settings of your laptop or PC. Then to the Update and Security option. From there, select the Troubleshoot.

Now, scroll down a little, locate the Keyboard Troubleshooter then run it.

It will take a little time to troubleshoot completing the scanning process. Once it finishes the process, you are supposed to follow the troubleshooting instructions appearing on the screen in front of you.

Restart your PC and check if it fixes the problem. However, if it still exists, let’s try something else.

Check the AutoCorrect settings:

In this step, you are supposed to do certain things as given below.

  • First, open the MS word, go to the File, and select Options.
  • Second, navigate to the Proofing and Select the AutoCorrect Options.
  • Now, select and delete that AutoCorrect entry that allows or converts letters and Function keys into Numbers and Special Characters.

This feature is usually applied only when you are typing in Word. However, with some other apps, it might be different.

Scan your laptop or PC for Viruses and Malware:

Your laptop keyboard typing wrong letters could also happen due to a virus or malware attack. Do not ever forget that these viruses with Keyloggers are pretty common and they may cause your laptop’s keyboard to change its charterers and type the wrong ones.

In this case, run your high-quality installed anti-virus on your laptop and get rid of this malware.

Buy A new Keyboard:

In the end, the only thing that is left behind to try is to buy a brand-new Keyboard for your PC. If nothing works out from the above-given methods and you aren’t able to fix the Keyboard mistyping problem, it means your keyboard has a hardware issue. This means you should make a purchase now.

However, do not forget that your laptop or PC can run any keyboard out there. So, you can buy a decent and simple one for completing your work and troubleshooting this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to fix laptop keyboard types wrong characters on Windows 7?

In what way your laptop is showing the wrong characters on windows 7, you have to figure it out first. The issue can be caused by the following reasons:

  • The keyboard is dirty or dusty
  • The system BIOS settings have been changed
  • The keyboard is worn out
  • The system power settings have been changed
  • The system is in a power-saving mode
  • A new keyboard is in use. Laptop keyboards do not have a backlight to illuminate the keys when in darkness, but desktop keyboards do.
  • The keyboard is illuminated by a light source Which may explain why some laptop users type the wrong key on their laptop keyboards.

To fix the issue, try the following steps:

Step #1: Try cleaning up the keyboard. You can blow off the dust or clean it with a wet wipe.

Step #2: Reset BIOS to the default settings. This would solve most of the problems, but if not, then it’s time to replace the keyboard.

Step #3: Power saving mode might be the problem. Set it to “performance” mode.

Step #4: It is possible that the old keyboard has to be replaced. After replacing the keyboard, reboot your laptop.

Step #5: If the issue persists, then your system is probably faulty. Have it repaired.

How much does a new keyboard cost?

A new standard keyboard will cost about $30 to $70 for an office keyboard and $90 to $130 for a mechanical keyboard.

For an average user who types for a few hours a day and types overall 200 words per minute, a mechanical keyboard will not be worth the extra money. If you use your computer for work and play, buy a mechanical keyboard. If you play or do graphic design work, buy a mechanical keyboard.

The mechanical keys last longer and the keyboard has many other available features such as a full number pad and multimedia keys. Also, mechanical keyboards don’t make it easy for you to press multiple keys at the same time, which is why they are considered more secure.

What to do if my laptop keyboard starts typing the wrong characters?

The problem with characters printing wrong is a hardware issue. It can’t be fixed by performing a hard reset. It is because the input device has been damaged. The problem can be fixed by replacing the hardware. For example, if you have a spill of coffee on your laptop, the keyboard will start typing the wrong characters. In this case, you can replace the keyboard.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to fix keyboard wrong typing issues. Sometimes, you may experience that you are typing the wrong characters when using your keyboard.

If you are facing this issue, then you should know that it is not caused by the keyboard only. Many other reasons are responsible for this problem. You can get rid of this problem by updating your keyboard drivers, cleaning your keyboard, or replacing the keyboard.

Well, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some more latest updates. Have a blessed day ahead.

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