How to Convert HDMI Output to Input on a Laptop?

A lot of laptops these days allow for multiple Inputs. Usually, this involves connecting a monitor, but you can also connect a TV, a set-top box, and even a Blu-ray player. So, you might be wondering how to convert HDMI Output to Input on a laptop. The truth is that your laptop is usually equipped with an HDMI Output, not Input.

The first answer to this question is that you cannot do such a thing with your laptop. Some people think that they may use any software for converting the HDMI Output functionality into Input.

However, that’s not gonna happen. Because you cannot replace or change the order of your laptop’s hardware that is already assigned with it. But, no worries, because still, many ways can make you do so.

Therefore, this blog will describe the steps to convert an HDMI Output to an HDMI Input on a laptop. Please make yourself comfortable, and let’s get this conversation started.

What is HDMI?

Before we figure out the answer to our query, let’s have a brief talk on what an HDMI is and how it works with your laptop. Moreover, you will also get to know why you need to convert it and some relevant advantages/disadvantages.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It’s an industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio and video interface. It was created to provide a way to send an uncompressed digital video and audio signal between devices such as a DVD player and a display device such as a High-Definition Television (HDTV).

What is the difference between HDMI Output and Input?

Since you are in this query of converting the HDMI Output of your laptop to the Input, you must know the difference between both. Therefore, let’s talk about each one by one.

Laptops with HDMI Output:

If we talk about laptops with HDMI Output, we will probably need to distinguish between laptops for home use and laptops for professional use. It is much more relevant for you to get a laptop with HDMI Output for home use because it will allow you to watch movies in the highest quality Full HD.

For professional use, laptops are being used for presenting presentations and meeting conferences for daily business needs. This is where you need to connect your HDMI Output laptop with the projector and other media sources.

HDMI is a plug-and-play interface. This allows the HDMI Output port to send both digital audio and video in a single cable, instead of using individual cables to send the separate video and audio signals, like with analog systems. All you need to do is connect the cable, and the connected devices automatically configure themselves to work together.

The cable supports bitrates of up to 10 Gbps. The HDMI connection can be found in many different devices, including HDTVs, DVD players, cable boxes, HD cable modems, satellite receivers, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, set-top boxes, digital cameras, camcorders, personal computers, etc.

Of course, it is also relevant for a laptop for business use because Full HD movies look amazing, and professionals can watch and work simultaneously.

Laptops with HDMI Input:

Now, if we talk about the second category, this might look strange to you. Because it doesn’t make any sense as you will transmit your bigger screen view on a smaller one. Seriously, you are gonna do such a thing? It looks like a terrible idea! Doesn’t it? However, it is the technology and your asset, so it can be used in any way you’d like to.

Sometimes, when you need to connect your gaming console, or you might want to play your favorite games on a high-definition 4k display on your laptop, you need an HDMI Input. This will enable you to have your TV view on a better screen for more personalized usage. Also, for using your TV decoder output on your laptop screen, you wanna have this change in your laptop.

Even though you won’t find laptops with HDMI input (only a few are available), and it is also impossible to convert it from output to Input, you will be in a typical little situation. Doesn’t matter as you don’t need a laptop with HDMI input. This is because we are going to avail you of several techniques that can help you make that change possible.

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What are the noted Advantages and Disadvantages of an HDMI?

The HDMI ports, cables, and connections import many advantages and disadvantages while making connections and transmitting content from one medium to another. So, if you are not aware of some of them, let’s have an easy look at them and make you aware with the deep knowledge you never knew.

Advantages of HDMI:

Clear and Crisp Image–The main advantage of HDMI cables and ports is that they provide a clear and crisp image, unlike the RCA cables. There are many TVs out there that have very low-quality pictures, and the HDMI cable allows a person to use a cable that enhances the image quality. You can have the display up to 4k resolution for extreme graphics and the best visualization.

New versions–HDMI came after DVI, and it is more advanced since it can support higher resolutions. The latest HDMI version is 2.0, and it supports 4K, which is the latest in display technology.

Superior Quality Transmission–There is no quality degradation if you use a high-end HDMI cable. However, if the quality of the picture is not good, you can always adjust it using a control. The HDMI cables are easily available.

Secure Transmission of Data–The data transmitted through HDMI is very safe and secure as it will not display your transmitted content on any other medium rather than the one you have connected your laptop or device with. You will also have a secure connection from any kind of hacking or internet crimes.

Wide Range Compatibility–They provide wide range compatibility with a lot of mediums that let you convert HDMI output to Input connectivity. This means you will ease in completing your important tasks regarding watching, displaying, and viewing.

Different Selections of Colors–They also provide different RGB colors selections and formats for making images crisper and extra brighter on your selected display. This wasn’t possible before the invention of HDMI ports in your laptop.

Disadvantages of HDMI:

A Little Expensive–For converting Output to Input, you will need different HDMI adapters. They are a little expensive, which seems like you might never have this conversion.

Low-Quality Cable–There is a copyright issue. You may have distortion during data transmission because of the heavy load of data and low-quality cable. There is also a possibility of the thin cable getting damaged.

Make Sure the Desired Compatibility–You also need to ensure which version of HDMI you are using on your laptop. Because there are compatibility issues with the new devices, and sometimes the connection might not happen.

How to convert HDMI Output to Input on a laptop?

Till now, you are pretty aware of much information regarding HDMI, HDMI cables, and all that stuff. Are you aware of how it can benefit you and how it can cost you? But our main query still needs an answer and for that, let’s make an effort. You cannot directly have the HDMI Output to Input functionality; still, you can have different mediums for making this connection possible.

Below, we will discuss different adapters and devices that can be used for converting HDMI Output to Input. Therefore, let’s have a look at each one by one.

Using The Displayport:

The first thing to use for converting HDMI output to Input is the usage of a display port. This is basically a small device that can convert the HDMI Output of your laptop into the Input connection. It has an HDMI connector on one side and a connector on the other side.

With this, you can see your laptop screen on the TV, and simultaneously you can do this against your laptop. This means you can also see your TV content on your laptop by using this connection. This makes you have dual modes working over the same device, and you’re gonna love it.

Using Magewell USB capture HDMI plus:

This device offers you 2 HDMI ports on one side and an Audio Jack with a USB port on the other side. Now, you can have the audio functionality for listening to the music and cherishing the moments. Moreover, the HDMI port can be used as an Input that will connect your laptop for watching movies and playing video games on another device.

Using the INOGENI 4K2USB3 HDMI to USB 3.0 converter:

This device is another great mode for using it as an HDMI Input to your laptop. Have an amazing 4K resolution that it captures from the HDMI video and transmits it through the 3.0 USB port. This USB port can be connected to your laptop and PC. The best part is, you will have the best quality visuals without any loss in the data.

Using Mimecast:

Does your laptop support Windows 8 and above? Yes, you have it, and if you have it, you don’t even need any cables for making a connection between devices. Just like that, the Mimecast technology gives you the advantage of using HDMI streaming over Wi-Fi. But the only thing to make sure is that the device you are going to extend or mirror must support the Mimecast.

Have the same internet connection for both devices and step into the world of visuality. Moreover, you can also connect your android phones to have an android version above 5 through this technology and frame devices simultaneously.

Using Space Desk:

This also provides a laptop to other medium connectivity by having a connection on the same Wi-Fi. You can easily download the space desk application, and then you can install the relevant drivers on your laptop. So, you will have the connectivity you desire.

Using Home Streaming:

Download the application from the internet and then install it on your laptop. Because to a gamer like you will provide streaming for your video games on your laptop screen. This is another simplistic and easy way of streaming other device content on your laptop.

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Different versions of HDMI:

The right compatibility comes with the right version of your Laptop’s HDMI port. From the date HDMI was added to the laptops until now, different versions have been available. Please have a look! So, you need to make sure which one you have got on your laptop and what device you need to connect it with.

HDMI Version 1.0—This version of HDMI is a video and audio interface system that allow people to transfer all sorts of different types of media from one device to another, supports a range of image resolutions, including the 1080p resolution that maximizes a full high-definition picture with a frame rate of at least 60 frames per second.

HDMI Version 1.1—In this version, you find an added support for DVD audio

HDMI Version 1.2 and 1.2a – These versions support CEC with the specialized one-bit audio format having super audio CDs with up to 8 channels.

HDMI Version 1.3 allows devices to automatically synchronize pictures and sound, increasing bandwidth of up to 10.2 Gbps, allowing for increased color depths, and supports streaming HD Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio to an AV receiver for decoding.

HDMI Version 1.4—This transmits 4Kor the ultra-high-definition resolution of up to 3840 x 2160p at 30 Hz and 4096 x 2160p at 24 Hz, supports 3D viewing, and makes sending data through an Ethernet connection much faster.

HDMI Version 2.0—The newly released and latest version of the HDMI port. This has provided you with a higher bandwidth of 18gbps. You will have improved audio quality by supporting 32 channels over a 1536 kHz resolution. Now, you are on 4K HD content with 60 HZ frames per second and enjoy dual audio streaming to the same screen.

Final Verdict:

Do we hope you have enjoyed reading our blog about How to convert HDMI Output to Input on a laptop? The thing is, your laptop might not be efficient or compatible enough to provide you an HDMI input connectivity. However, converting HDMI output to the Input on a laptop is a very simple process. All you need is the right equipment. So, we hope that we have solved your problem in your best regards.

Still, please get in touch with us anytime for help with any of your technology-related needs. Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!

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