How to Clean Laptop Touchpad|Cleaning Guide 2022

If your laptop’s touchpad is not working fine or not showing THAT efficiency that it should, then, believe me, there is a problem you are going to face. You can help it in maintaining its original place just by cleaning it. But how exactly? So, if you are in search of how to clean a laptop touchpad, you don’t need to look further, because this is the place where you ought to be. And guess what? This is your lucky day.

Because in this short guide, I will tell you different methods of cleaning your clogged or rinsed touchpad if you don’t know how to do it by yourself. You do need to clean it because a dirty touchpad exerts a bad impression on your working speed and also becomes a disease for the personality of your laptop. Moreover, it will make your fingers sticky and you won’t be able to use it easily.

However, cleaning a touchpad is not something like understanding hard rocket science that is much difficult to understand and apply, but it’s too easy. Because, all you will have to do is to grab some tools and follow the procedure for cleaning it to make it look like a new one, one more time.

So, let’s get your hands a little dirty and your laptop touchpad clean and clear. Therefore, it is worth the time to begin this conversation.

Why does a laptop touchpad get dirty?

Before we go to the cleaning process, you should be aware of some things that play a major part in making our laptop touchpad dirtier. You will be amazed to know that your dirty hands, especially oily ones are the biggest reasons for your laptop touchpad being this dirty. Sometimes, small children in your house may place their dirty fingers on the touchpad and it also gets dirty this way. A sudden dropping of some juices near the pad or over the pad can make it dirty.

So, you can find several reasons if your laptop touchpad is not that one now, which you used to use once. But, if you see this, don’t worry because today, I am just here to sort this out and help you so that you could clean it without any technical knowledge and other hindrances.

How to clean a laptop touchpad|Step by Step Process

Leave everything aside and let’s come to the main point of our today’s discussion. Here I will tell you different steps that you need to follow in exactly the same way and only through this, I can guarantee you that you will be able to clean it thoroughly. So, let’s dive into this process of cleaning a laptop touchpad.

Please note: Following the step-by-step process is necessary because if you will not do this, you may damage your laptop or may have a severe injury to yourself. That’s why it’s always important to take some precautions as if you are performing things at your house without any professional knowledge. The same thing is with cleaning your laptop touchpad.

But first, have a look at the list of some required things for cleaning:

  • A soft piece of microfiber cloth or cotton cloth
  • Water
  • Isopropyl alcohol solution into the water
  • Window or glass cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • A dry piece of cloth

Step 1 – Finding a desk or table:

Find a desk or a table where you could easily place your laptop. Make sure that you’ve cleaned all the dust from that table or stand and put your laptop on a clean surface.

Step 2 – Turn off the laptop:

Now, turn your laptop completely off. Unplug its power source or if possible, get its battery out so that there might not be some kind of issue with cleaning. Or you may face any potential short of the system or shock on you if the laptop is consuming battery and you are cleaning it when the laptop is turned on.

Step 3 – Use a damp cloth for cleaning:

Get a soft piece of micro fabric or fiber cloth and damp it lightly with distilled water. Dab off the excess water on the other part of the cloth or the ground. Now use the damp cloth and remove the dirt by gently pressuring it on the touchpad. Keep moving it on the surface until there is no dirt or debris. Now use the second piece of cloth that must be a dry one, and clean the surface of your laptop touchpad. This will help the touchpad in getting dry.

Moreover, make sure that there is no extra water in the cloth as this may get into its internal hardware through touchpad or keyboard keys and damage your laptop’s panel. That’s why, it’s always necessary to use a damp cloth, not actually one that is too wet.

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Step 4 – Use alcohol:

If water is not suitable for removing the stubborn and clogged dirt, you have the option to use alcohol on a piece of micro fabric cloth for cleaning your laptop’s touchpad surface. Make a solution by mixing some isopropyl alcohol with water only if necessary and cleaning dirt with water is not possible. Have this solution in a bowl or a cup.

After this, moisten the cloth with the solution and then slightly rub it on the touchpad surface with light pressure. Once you come to know that you’ve completely removed the dirt, now use the second cloth which must be your dry cloth to wipe and dry it out.

Mostly, many brands don’t recommend using cleaning agents for cleaning your laptop’s body or its parts because this may damage their look and body. Like, Apple is one of them. Also, don’t use any kind of toxic bleach, detergent, or soap for cleaning your laptop mouse pad or say, touchpad and its other parts.

Step 5 – Using cotton swab:

You can also use a cotton swab as an alternative thing for cleaning your laptop touchpad. You can easily use this and it will prove itself good in cleaning all the dirt from the laptop’s touchpad surface.

Step 6 – Using window or glass cleaner:

Another alternative thing to use for removing the dirt from your laptop touchpad is using a window or glass cleaner. In this case, spray it lightly onto the touchpad surface and then clean it with a dry piece of cloth.

Step 7 – Let the laptop dry:

Before using your laptop again, let it completely dry and then it would be perfect for usage.

Step 8 – Keep things together again:

Now that you’ve removed all the dirt and your laptop touchpad is dry, you can put the battery in again and start using it. You’d be happy to have a fresh working and exactly the same touchpad that it used to be when you brought a brand-new laptop to your house. Moreover, also specify whether your laptop touchpad is working fine or not, because I know that there will be no complaints at all.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning your laptop touchpad:

Since you are going to do this by yourself, so there are certain things that you should take care of. These are described as follows.

  • When you are cleaning your laptop touchpad or its keyboard, don’t throw the water or any liquid directly onto its surface. Damp a cloth with water, free it from the extra water or spray the liquid onto the piece of cloth then apply it for cleaning. This will keep your laptop safe from internal hardware damages.
  • During cleaning, do not place the water bowl or isopropyl alcohol solution near your laptop. Because if it splits, it will directly go over the surface of your laptop. Maybe some water gets through its keypad and damages its panel or other hardware. That’s why always place them at a distance from your laptop while cleaning it.
  • You’d need a Mr. Clean magic eraser only in case your laptop touchpad is too oily and it’s hard to remove that oil.
  • Do not put extra force on your laptop touchpad. Because you know that your laptop touchpad is the most sensitive area of its body. So, it won’t be able to bear this much weight.
  • However, if the touchpad still has debris or doesn’t work properly even after giving it a complete clean, take your laptop to a nearby laptop repair store and get it done by a professional for some bucks. This will be the best solution in this kind of situation.

How to keep your laptop clean on long term usage- tips and tricks:

Even if you’ve done with cleaning, you should be more careful with keeping it maintained because you wouldn’t want your laptop to suffer from the same situation one more time. Do you? Of course not. That’s why have a look at some tips and tricks to keep your laptop maintained.

  • Keep your laptop clean and clear. The keyboard and touchpad are the most exposed area of your laptop, so they should be kept clean on regular basis. Every time you use your laptop, clean its keyboard and touchpad with a clean dry piece of cloth. This will remove all the dirt of the user’s hands from it and will give it a fresh look one more time.
  • You should strictly avoid eating and drinking near your laptop. Because doing things like that will ultimately make its keyboard as well as touchpad dirty. Also, don’t let the children use it or throw something directly over its body, because, through this, you will damage your important asset.
  • Moreover, try to wash your hands every time you use your laptop. This will keep it clean from your hand’s dirt.

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Final saying

I hope that after reading this comprehensive guide, your mind has cleared about how to clean a laptop touchpad. Just make sure to apply the same methods in the same way I’ve told you with complete terms and conditions. Because this will save your laptop from serious harm or damage. I hope that the information might be helpful.

Hence, this was all about today, please let me know by the comments if anything is missing or you want to ask about something. So, we shall see each other very soon on another topic. Until then, take care of yourself as well as your laptop touchpad. Have a nice day.

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