How to Charge a Laptop with HDMI?

A laptop is that type of necessity you need every time in your life being anywhere these days. But at certain moments, while heading towards the office, towards a friend’s place, or somewhere else, you may forget its charger at your house.

Suddenly when its battery gets down, you come to know that you do not have any charger for charging your laptop and there is something much important that is left undone. Then what will you do?

Of course, you will find different ways to charge your laptop without a charger and the most probable one is, how to charge a laptop with HDMI. This is because most people have an HDMI port in their laptops and they try to figure out what if they can charge their machine with it?

Well, that’s the common thing you may ask and if I am not wrong, you are actually here for just figuring it out. Therefore, be my guest, and let’s explore this article together. Because not only with HDMI but we will talk about multiple ways for charging your laptop without a charger.

Let’s get this conversation started.

Can we charge our laptop with an HDMI?

Before you go for the actual charging process of your laptop through an HDMI cable. You need to make sure that you can charge your laptop with HDMI or not.

The answer is a big yes. This means you can easily charge your laptop with an HDMI cable by having some accessories and following some simple steps.

But for this, you will have to have a laptop with certain advancements otherwise you will not be able to perform such a process. However, do not worry, because those standard laptops are no more.

These days, laptops are more advanced and provide you multiple ways for charging them if the charger goes defective, broken, lost, or misplaced.

How to charge a laptop with HDMI?

Coming towards the actual process of charging your laptop with the HDMI, let’s have a look at what you need and what you have to do for putting life into your dead laptop. Do not be hassled or worried, because things are pretty easy to understand and configure when you are up to something like this.

Case 1: If your laptop supports an HDMI input port:

For the latest laptops, this is very common because most probably, your laptop will have an HDMI port for transferring digital signals from one device to another, right?

Well, better luck if you find it on your laptop. The good news is, when you figure out that your laptop has an HDMI port, the other things for charging your laptop become easy.

But how?

I am damn sure that you won’t mind having a look for yourself.

Have the required accessories: For charging your HDMI port containing laptop through this way, make sure that you have the following things easily available. If you have these, you are good to go.

  • A high-quality HDMI cable
  • An HDMI enable TV or that supports it

Charge your laptop with an HDMI: Now, as you have got the required accessories, you can charge your laptop easily by making an easy connection. For this, follow the below-given steps.

  • First, take the HDMI cable one part and plug it into the HDMI port of your laptop.
  • Second, take the other one and plug it into the HDMI port of your TV, LED, etc.
  • Third, turn on the TV and you can see that your laptop will start getting charged in this way. This is because when you connect your laptop with a TV by using an HDMI cable, the TV starts transporting current to your laptop. Ultimately it starts getting charged.
  • Moreover, the same connection can be used for having your laptop display on the TV.

Is it a safe way to charge your laptop?

That’s the concern most people have when they follow this kind of trick for charging their laptops. Because a laptop is someone’s important asset and nobody wants to buy another one very soon. Sounds familiar?

However, yes, it is a completely safe way for charging your laptop with HDMI connectivity. The reason behind this is that the notebooks or laptops that come with HDMI functionality have the facility to automatically control the current and voltage coming from the other Medium.

Your HDMI adapter gives a low voltage current that is often used for watching movies and shows on a bigger screen. In this way, it is completely safe. So do not worry about anything. Check Out Also Best Laptop for PA School

Case 1: If your laptop doesn’t support an HDMI input port:

Only in some cases or with the older laptops, you may not find an HDMI port for performing the above things. But if that happens, you still do not need to be worried about anything. There are some things you can try for still charging your laptop with an HDMI connection.

Things you should do if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port but you still wanna charge it without a charger or with HDMI connectivity:

Find if your laptop has a USB Type C port: Most probably, if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port for its smart and sleek shape, it will have a USB type C port and you can find it easily right there. So, get ready to make a connection for charging your laptop if you have got this.

Bring an HDMI to USB Type C converting adapter: There are handy devices such as an HDMI to USB type C or USB converters available in the market. These are not very expensive and will easily do the job for you.

  • In this scenario, have an adapter at first.
  • An HDMI adapter cable should also be there for making a connection. Once you have got these things, you are good to go once again.

Charge your laptop: First things first, connect the HDMI cable with the HDMI port of your TV and plug in the other part of the cable into the HDMI adapter.

Now take the leaving USB type C cable from the adapter and plug it into the USB type C of your laptop. It will start transferring the signals and you will see that your laptop will start getting charged.

Congratulations, because you have successfully set up a connection for charging your laptop with an HDMI cable even if it doesn’t support an HDMI port.

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Are there any other ways for charging a laptop without a charger?

Yes, other than charging the laptop with HDMI connectivity, you can also try the following ways for making things happen. These are some handy methods you can try at different places if you don’t find a suitable laptop charger for yourself anyway.

Charging your laptop with USB type C through mobile charger:

Well, you even don’t need an HDMI converting adapter if your laptop has got a USB type C port. Because these advanced machines are very useful in providing these types of facilities. So, make sure that your laptop has a USB-type C port.

If it is so, take a charger of your mobile phone and plug it into a power outlet. After this, plug in the USB type C cable into the dedicated port of your laptop. You will see that the battery of your laptop will start getting back to work.

Charging the laptop without a charger in a car:

Even while being on the go, you can charge your laptop easily. This will happen in your car. You know that your car does have a battery, right? And in the latest cars, there are USB ports for having electricity connectivity that can let you charge your electronic devices. You can easily charge your Mobile phone as well as a laptop by this method.

You have to get an AC adapter that provides a USB type A connection at one end and USB-C on the other end. Now, if you have this, here comes the next thing to do.

Turn on the car engine and plug the cable into the USB port of your car. After this, plug the second end into the USB type C port of your laptop. You will see that your laptop will have a charging notification and it’s charging indicating the light will start blinking after some time.

Buy one more battery or replace the charger:

Instead of looking for several ways to charge your laptop when its charger is no more, you can purchase another one. Surely, it will not cost you much. The best part is, you can also have a Universal charger that has different cords for making a connection with different types of laptops with different power jacks.

Moreover, you can also look for a separate battery as if one gets down while working, you can use the other one that is fully charged. Read More: How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

How to charge a laptop with a power bank?

Having a power bank is also very useful for charging your laptop on the go. A good power bank can easily charge more than one battery at a time. Or it can charge a single battery multiple times. But for this, you have found the possible connectivity and I am damn sure that you can do so.

Just find the appropriate USB cable, as you might need the one with USB type A from one end and USB type C from the other. When you connect your laptop with the power bank, it will start transferring electricity to your device. Ultimately, the laptop will start getting charged.

How to charge a laptop with another laptop? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible as you can charge one laptop with another one. This could only happen when your laptop’s battery can easily fit into another one. Well, if this happens, get your battery out from your laptop and put it into the other one.

Use that laptop charger and charge it. Again, put it out and transfer it to your own laptop. Your laptop’s battery is charged now. However, if it doesn’t fit into it, do not force it otherwise it can damage your laptop.


I hope that you really enjoyed reading the information about how to charge a laptop with an HDMI given here. There are several methods to charge your laptop without having a suitable charger, but the one with an HDMI cable is mostly asked. So, I hope that this will help you more in revealing your worries and giving you your required information.

In case of more queries, please let me know through the comment box. Have a nice day ahead and see you very soon on another great topic.

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