How To Charge a Laptop With a Phone|Helping Guide

Suppose you are somewhere out and your laptop has drained all of its battery but you were on something extremely important, what would you do? Because I can make sure that there will be no AC source nearby or any other backup battery for using your laptop again. Pretty right, isn’t it?

Or there might be a power/electricity breakdown in your area but your mobile is working and your laptop is sleeping. Now, you might be sitting and mounding on the idea of how to charge it without having any heaven source?

But let me remind you a little, did you think about your smartphone? Yes, you should because if it is charged, that will be your lucky day. But how to charge a laptop with a phone exactly? You probably don’t know about this, do you? Of course, you don’t, otherwise, you won’t be here looking for the same information.

You have come here, so let me worth your day and tell you about how you can quickly charge your laptop with your smartphone whether it is an android or iPhone. But keep this thing in your mind that this will happen only if your mobile has enough charging. Otherwise, you’ll have to go towards your house for its original charger and put power back into it.

Therefore, let me make your worries free and start this article, because today, in this comprehensive piece of information you will be able to learn much and know how you can charge your laptop with a phone or some other sources still without a charger.

How to charge a laptop with a phone?

When charging your laptop with a phone, the first two things that you should keep in your mind are that the laptop you are going to charge must support a USB Type C port. Not just the USB type C, it should also have to support charging through the USB Type C port. And the next thing to look for is that your mobile phone must also have a USB Type C port and be charged.

Now let’s come to the things that you have to do to charge your laptop with your smartphone.

Firstly, take a USB Type C to USB Type C plug or cable. You can easily have it from a nearby local store or even online. But for sudden movements, you should always have one inside your backpack.

Secondly, plug one side of this wire into the Phone and the Other side into the laptop. After doing this, slide your mobile notification bar and you will see this option there.

Use usb to

Supply Power

Your phone will automatically start charging your laptop through this cable if it has this option. But don’t worry, because most android phones can charge laptop batteries these days.

Some terms and conditions of charging your laptop by a mobile phone:

Through this method, the mobile will start transferring its whole power to your laptop or MacBook, but there are some drawbacks and conditions of using this method given as follows.

  • This method is useful only when you need a little power for getting your things done in the last couple of minutes. Like you may use it while being on a plane, during exams when there is too little time to submit your paper and your laptop is gonna shut off, or in some other critical situations.
  • Even if you’d have to drain all of your phone battery, your laptop won’t last for a longer time, say more than 30 minutes. But, this will do the job of sending the important email, submitting that important letter, and some other most important work.
  • Moreover, if you use your mobile battery for charging your laptop, your mobile will also turn off. So, you’d also have to charge your phone.

But all in all, this is a handy method for charging your laptop even daily if your laptop is out of battery and you are sitting at a distant place from your laptop’s adapter or if there is no light.

How to charge your laptop battery with a spare battery or replace it?

Since I’ve told you how you can charge your laptop with a smartphone, some other methods can help you get your laptop on track. In this case, always keep a spare battery the same as your laptop battery in your backpack if you have to go out for longer times. Through a spare battery, you can easily charge your laptop or replace it with the already dead one.

For this, get a separate battery just as same as your laptop ones, a separate charger or your laptop charger will also be enough and charge it completely. After this put that battery inside your backpack. Now if you are outside and your laptop’s first battery is no more, there is a time for the second one. Just open your laptop case and replace its dead battery with that separate battery.

However, some batteries come with a USB port and allow you to charge your laptop’s internal battery with the help of a cable source. Just plug it into the USB port of your laptop and it will start transferring life into your most precious piece of the pie.

How to charge your laptop battery by using your car battery?

Another important and beneficial thing for your laptop will be your car battery if the laptop’s battery completely drains out. In this case, you need to buy a power inverter. When you have it, put it into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. Now, this can be used to charge most of the devices that need a continuous power of up to 300 watts. Which is more than enough for charging a device like a laptop.

Once you have done it, you can use a USB Type C cable or any other USB cable to plug it into the laptop and car lighter outlet. Through this, your laptop will have enough power to charge itself from your car’s battery.

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How to charge your laptop battery by using a Universal Adapter?

Believe it or not, but if you don’t have a universal adapter, then quickly buy it. Because a universal power adapter provides a solution for charging any laptop with any type of charging jack.

Moreover, if you have lost your laptop’s original charger or it might have broken. At this time, investing in a universal power adapter will be a great thing to do. It works exactly like your laptop’s original charger and you can quickly charge your laptop with the suitable jack that fits your laptop power plug-in source.

How to charge your laptop battery with a power bank?

A power bank provides enough charging capacity to charge a mobile more than 3 times in its single charge. Well, if you don’t wanna go for complicated methods and expensive things, just buy a power bank with a USB Type C or USB 3.0 port.

Use its wire to plug it into the laptop and then you can charge your laptop with it anytime, anywhere. They provide enough power for completely charging your laptop in very little time. Check Out Also How to Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Are all mobile phones compatible with charging laptops?

No, not exactly. But only mobile phones with USB Type C ports may have this option of charging your laptop. However, your laptop must also be compatible with accepting charge from the mobile with the same USB Type C technology. Because only through this, you’d be able to charge your laptop in critical situations.

How much my laptop will stay after getting charged by mobile?

It depends on the mobile battery. The more charged your mobile will be, the more power it will be able to put into your laptop. So, if your mobile was full and it has given all of its power to your laptop battery, your laptop may stay on for almost 30 to 45 minutes depending on the usage.

How to charge a laptop without a charger?

There are different and alternative methods available for charging your laptop without having or finding its original charger. Their list is given as follows.

  • Charging your laptop with a mobile.
  • Charging your laptop with a power bank.
  • Charging your laptop with a spare battery.
  • Charging your laptop with a universal charger.
  • Charging your laptop with your car’s battery etc.

How to charge a laptop with HDMI?

HDMI charging works only with the devices that have this port. Like, if your universal charger or your car’s cigarette lighter outlet supports an HDMI port and your laptop does have an HDMI port. You can easily charge your laptop using an HDMI cable.

Final saying

This is such a simple and easy-to-do method as if you are anxious about how to charge a laptop with a mobile. Because all you have to do is to point out the right charging devices that support the transfer of charging by using USB Type C ports and this will do the job for you. Moreover, there are several other methods out there that can help you charge your laptop without a charger.

With all this, I hope that the article might be helpful and you’ve got whatever you were looking for. Now, I shall leave you here until we see each other soon on another topic. Please take care of yourself and let me know if there are any queries or you want to add something. Have a nice day.