How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

A few days ago, I went for a job interview and was well prepared for it. I entered the interview room with my Lenovo laptop in my hand. Suddenly, the interviewer asked me to show him my portfolio of graphic designing. I turned on my laptop and waited!! It showed a blue and black screen.

 I felt ashamed and tried again and again but all in vain. The interviewer asked me, “ Don’t you know “How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode”? I didn’t know so I remained silent.

 My job opportunity got wasted and I decided to do video research on it and share it with you all so that no one could ever face this. I did a lot of research on how to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode and all other queries related to safe mode rebooting. My laptop became perfect and now I am here to share my best knowledge with you people.

So let’s move towards the solutions to our problems.

What is safe mode and what is the safe mode used for?

When a critical problem that barges into normal windows functions and operations has occurred, then it’s necessary to start your laptop in safe mode, that is the special type of windows.

  • When the operating system is not starting normally, then it’s better to start the laptop in safe mode.
  • Safe mode allows your windows to troubleshoot normally and allows locating what exactly is causing windows to not function correctly.
  • When windows boot in safe mode rather than normal boot, there are some differences.
  • Safe mode does not run config. sys files which normal mode runs.
  • One of the good things is that safe mode uses standard VGA graphics mode which is compatible and supported by all types of windows.
  • In safe mode, the windows desktop loads up in 16 colors at a resolution of 640 x 480.
  • In safe mode windows boots using a file called system.CB instead of the standard system.ini file. 
  • Most Important! Safe Mode always checks the MS-DOS.sys file for where to find the rest of the Windows files. If it finds the files, it proceeds to load Windows in Safe Mode with the command win /d:m. If it does not find the Windows files, it will run to bring up a C: prompt.
  • If your laptop’s drivers are not working properly, it’s better to boot your laptop in safe mode.

I hope after going through the above information, it is clear to you what the purpose of safe mode is and why we use it. Sometimes, the laptop doesn’t boot properly in standard mode and shifts to safe mode automatically. But, if you want to start safe mode manually, press F5.

How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode?

There are two sorts of safe modes:

1) Safe mode

2) Safe mode with networking

How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode in Windows 10?

The booting process for different window versions might be different in one or two steps. But don’t worry, we will explain each of them in detail.

  • Click the shift+ restart button.
  • Press it from the settings in the sign-in screen.
  • Press the Windows key + R

The above instructions will forcefully boot the windows in safe mode.

How to boot Lenovo laptop in safe mode in Windows 8?

If you have windows 8, follow the instructions we are going to state below:

  • Press shift + restart from the Advanced startup options.
  • You will find it from the sign-in screen on your Lenovo laptop.
  • Press the Windows key + R

These steps will surely boot your windows 8 in safe mode.

How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode in Windows 7?

  • Push the shift + restart from the Advanced startup options.
  • You have to press it from the sign-in screen on your Lenovo laptop.
  • Press the Windows key + R
  • Down press the F8 key from your keyboard.

These are the best and the simplest ways to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode. After following the above steps you will surely be able to meet your solution. If not, chill dude! We are going to tell you more competent ways for the desired solutions. Stay calm and stay with us till the end!

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How to boot Lenovo laptop in safe mode using command prompt?

This is one of the best ways to boot your laptop in safe mode. You can boot your laptop just by entering a simple command in your command prompt.

  • First, press the Windows key + R.
  • Search “cmd” here to open the command prompt.
  • Your command prompt window will pop up.
  • Enter the command “shutdown.exe /r /o “here and push down the Enter key.

Now wait and have patience for a few minutes. Your windows will take a while to boot in a safe mood.

How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode using system configuration?

By using a configuration system, you will be able to access safe mode permanently. After solving your problem, you will have an option to quit the safe mode.

Here’s what to do:

  • First of all, Press the Windows key + R
  • A run dialogue box will appear.
  • Type “MSConfig” there to open it.
  • Look for the option “boot” there.
  • Check the box yes placed near the safe boot.
  • In the end, push down OK.
  • Now, you will have to restart your PC.

How to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode using WinRE?

This method is preferable in only those situations when you are unable to boot your laptop in a safe mood by any of the above-explained methods. This method is critical and preferred in critical situations only.

  • Simply start your laptop.
  • While windows are loading, hold the power button for almost 10 seconds.
  • This will forcefully shut down the laptop.
  • Repeat the same process 2-3 times, this will enable the windows to boot in safe mode.
  • After that, Click the shift+ restart button.
  • Press it from the settings in the sign-in screen.
  • Press the Windows key + R

How to get out of safe mode on a Lenovo laptop?

 Congratulations! Finally, you have resolved the booting issue on your laptop. Now, you want to quit the safe mood and restart your laptop normally.

To exit safe mode:

  • Click the windows icon in the below-left corner.
  • Press the start menu.
  • Select the power option.
  • At last, click the restart button.

Your Lenovo laptop will restart. Remember! This is the best method to get out of safe mode and to restart your windows normally.

How to get out of safe mode in Lenovo laptop using command prompt?

If you have failed to quit safely using the above procedure, here is another procedure to be followed.

  • Push down Windows + R from your keyboard.
  • Open command prompt by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.Type the command “bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safe boot,” and press enter.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • Your laptop windows will surely run in normal mode from now on.

Hurrah!! You have successfully come out of safe mode on your laptop and resolved your issue too. Bravo! You are a genius!

What should I do if my laptop suddenly boots to safe mode?

Sometimes our laptops suddenly boot to safe mode, if you are facing the same problem, don’t need to be worried at all. It simply means some changes might have occurred on your laptop. Either you have downloaded and installed some kind of software that has virus issues.

Maybe you have added any kind of hardware. If yes, go to your control panel and delete it from there as soon as possible. Remember! You must have to delete the software drivers too otherwise the issue will not be resolved.

The same problem can occur if you have downloaded any movie or game on the internet. If so, apply the same method to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Windows when it fails to Boot?

  • Check the Battery or Try running Safe Mode.
  • Also, try startup repair
  • Use the command prompt method to reboot
  • Go and check for corrupted files
  • Look out for hardware problems if any
  • Check the overheating of the laptop

How to repair Windows Screen/Blank Display?

Try to update laptop drivers first for this purpose. It is understood that your laptop screen or display needs to be fixed. Update your device BIOS to the latest version if possible. If the situation remains the same, do tell me by commenting below, we will try to resolve it.

Wrapping up

I have tried to explain everything in detail and the best of the best methods to resolve your difficulties. I hope that by following any of the above-mentioned procedures, you are somehow able to meet your solution.

Still, if you are stuck in any problem related to windows or the booting process, tell me by mentioning below, you will surely get your solution.

This article explains all the possible ways of “How to boot Lenovo laptop in safe mode” in all windows versions.

Stay tuned for many more exciting articles and have fun with your beloved laptop…. Cheers!!

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