How Often Should You Upgrade Your laptop?

There is a famous quote that says, “The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end”. Now let’s relate this saying to your current situation. As if this query about how often should you upgrade your laptop is disturbing you. Indeed, you must ask things like this. Because yes, nothing is immortal and lasts forever.

Remember? When you bought your first favorite laptop, it was like a beast at that time. But it is also true that over time, it started losing its functionality and performance. The battery life is not the same. It is not compatible enough to run advanced and heavy software. The newest operating systems are lagging, and there could be thousands of other reasons.

Therefore, if you have found yourself in trouble regarding should you upgrade your laptop? When should you upgrade it? Or is it time for the new one? Then you are at the right place.

Just have a cup of tea for yourself and let’s start figuring out the answers to several questions appearing in your mind regarding your laptop or computer up-gradation. Be worry-free and put trust in us. Because in the end, you will feel worth reading. Hence, let’s get this conversation started.

How often should you upgrade your laptop?

Sincerely, the average laptop’s lifespan depends on what type of laptop you have? And for what purpose do you use it? Also, it depends on at what place you use your laptop? In these cases, we have two types of laptops to look for.

The lifespan of a laptop used for normal purposes:

Like if you have a smart, sleek, and portable laptop for day-to-day computing. You keep it at your house far from dust, humidity, and other harm. Plus, you keep it clean on every use. It will last and need not be upgraded for at least 7 to 8 years.

But still, it is natural and nobody can decide that as you may lose your laptop the very next day you’ve bought it. Hah, don’t worry, that does not happen quite often.

Moreover, it depends on you, because you should never use such a laptop for heavy-duty purposes as it is not designed for that. However, if you do so, you can harm your laptop.

The lifespan of a laptop used for heavy-duty purposes:

On the other hand, if you own a high-duty runner. A laptop with advanced specs including high-quality display, Processor, GPU, and other essentials. It will probably last for at least 3 to 4 years.

But why so? Because when you will be performing high. It will definitely be consuming more power, draining the battery faster, and getting older. Besides this, new and advanced software plus games need new resources to run efficiently.

So, this is an obvious fact that if you take care of things, they really last. And if you just let it go, you will definitely lose it.

All in all, we recommend you to take as much care of your laptop as you can and have a deep look at it after every 3 years. Because it will be the time when you need to go for an actual up-gradation or a new laptop. Read Also: Best Laptop For Bioinformatics

How to know if you need a new laptop or upgrade the old one?

It’s a fact that you still can’t decide whether your laptop needs an upgrade. Or you should go for a new one until you see different bad signs on it. Therefore, have a look at the problems as if you face any of these inside or with your laptop. You need to consider things and go for the replacement or up-gradation (if it solves the problem).

Lagging issues……whatever I open or try to perform, takes much time to load:

If you observe that your laptop is exercising laggings while loading programs. Its performance is not the same as it used to be. It is not capable of running the newly upgraded software or Operating systems like Windows 10 or 11. There begins a problem!

But don’t worry as you can tackle this to some extent by replacing or adding more ram and replacing HDD with SSD. If this solves the problem then you’ve made a successful upgrade. However, if nothing works out then you need to replace your laptop and buy a new one.

My laptop is having Overheating issues:

Don’t you perform extensive duty tasks on your laptop? Yes, you do and for that, you probably have high efficiency and powerful workstation right, isn’t it?

But what to do when even such an efficient machine starts getting heated up? It feels like a burn. The fans and cooling systems are not good enough to remove the heat outside from the system. Then what will you need to do?

Hence, there are two things that you can do to tackle such a problem. The very first is, you should give a service to your laptop. Clean it completely and remove all the dust from it.

Because usually, these heating issues occur due to clogged dust and dirt inside laptop fans and cooling systems.

However, if this doesn’t solve the problem. It’s time for a new laptop. Because nobody can replace the compatible cooling systems of your laptop.

Oh, snaps! The battery doesn’t last longer:

Another major and mostly seen issue with an old laptop is its battery deficiency. On the usage of almost 2 to 3 years, your laptop battery will start losing its strength.

Also, there will come a time when you will have to charge it more than once a day. Plus, it will be giving you only 1 to 1.5 hours of battery backup which was once up to 5 to 6 hours.

Nevertheless, if you observe these battery issues inside your laptop. You can replace the battery by buying the same one. For this, get the serial number of your laptop and look for a compatible unit.

But if there are charging issues and your laptop is not charging the battery. Having jack issues or some other hardware issues closely related to the battery. Then it is time for you to go for a new laptop.

My laptop cannot install the newest and updated Operating System:

Old laptops like Pentium or Core 2 duo series are not compatible enough to run some heavy operating systems like Windows 10 and newly released Windows 11. It is because these laptops lack the minimum specifications to run these OS.

They also do not support new updates and cannot install them. You may observe a blue screen of death if you are on windows. It is difficult to install new software and all you have is a wastage of time.

So, if your laptop is having or experiencing any of these, there is most likely a moment to replace this oldy with a brand-new machine. This must be a heavy-duty runner. Or at least, it should have the minimum specs to run a little bit of everything pretty easily.

Not having enough storage to save data:

If you have a laptop with a minimum storage capacity of at least 64 to 128 GB SSD or HDD. There must be an urge to have more storage. Because you cannot have everything on such a low storage capacity.

However, some laptops offer you the versatility to add more storage. You can increase it to maximum capacity. Also, you can have portable storage these days which functions similar to a USB device. Or else, you can go for a new laptop with more storage and for that, must start saving and collecting your budget.

Since storage is not a big problem at all. Because you can have a portable one in any case. But, unless you want to upgrade, get a laptop with maximum SSD storage. This will be a lifetime solution.

Issues with laptop’s display:

The display is another major factor of your laptop that can cause problems for you. You may observe screen breakage due to a sudden fall. You may face screen flickering issues.

The pixels are getting dull and don’t support a high-quality or 4K display. You can’t see high graphics which is the ultimate goal of everyone even while watching an ordinary movie these days.

Hence, if you have these problems, you can easily replace the laptop’s display screen. But we don’t do things like that.

We will recommend you to go for a new laptop in case you have these display problems. Because this will only be the finest solution you can ever have.

Do you need a new laptop or an upgrade to the old one?

Since it is an obvious thing that the only and easily upgradable things that you can upgrade inside your laptops are its RAM or storage capacity. You cannot change the old processor with a new one, nor can you add a new GPU (it is not an easy thing to do). Or even if you make a replacement to display, you don’t know whether it will be worth it or not.

Therefore, this means that if you have normal performance or lagging issues while doing things on your laptop. You can add more ram (if your laptop allows it and has dedicated/additional slots for it). Or you can replace the HDD with an SSD (if your laptop has an HDD). Moreover, you can also change the laptop’s battery.

But even after making such upgrades, your laptop doesn’t seem okay. Believe me, it is time to look for a new one with some high-level specs. This must be GOOD with Processor, Ram capacity, Storage, Battery life, Display, and GPU, etc. Because even on a daily basis, you’ll be needing these things to perform nonstop.

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How you can increase the lifespan of your laptop?

As I told you before, it all depends on you. As to how you take care of your laptop? If you are a good guy and take good care of your laptop. Then you will not need to upgrade it for longer usage. I believe in it.

But if you are the one who just takes work from it and then throws it anyway. Trust me, you need to change this habit. However, here are some things that if you will try these on your laptop. It will last longer and save your money for sure.

Clean your laptop after every use—Make sure that you’ve cleaned your laptop with a soft and clean piece of cloth before putting it inside your backpack. It is a good practice as this will keep your laptop safe from dust and all other impurities.

Do not put heavy load—Try to run only the things that your laptop can easily support and load easily. Make sure to check the minimum requirements before installing any software. Do not go limitless. Because this will definitely cause you a problem.

Keep the memory cleaned—Make sure that you have less data on your machine and more on cloud or other online/offline storage. This will give more breath to your laptop. Keep the files up to date. Install the updates if necessary.

Suggestions regarding battery—Update or replace your laptop battery when you start observing that it is draining much faster. It takes more time to charge. Or it has a shorter span now.

Do not let your laptop run all the time to keep good battery life. Only start it when you need to work on it. Then simply shut it off and put it in a safe place.

Buy a laptop according to your needs—The best and ever recommended thing to look for before buying a laptop is to consider your top-notch requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a designer, a worker, a professional businessman, or anyone looking for the best laptop for solving his/her problems. You must consider a laptop with a good Processor, Ram, GPU, SSD, and other essentials.

Related Frequently asked Questions

How often should you get a new laptop?

The answer is simple, and you are aware of it. This becomes a bigger concern when your laptop doesn’t stay strong enough even to deal with day-to-day computing. It exercises leggings, takes longer to start, doesn’t boot up correctly, shows blue screen to death, the battery is not that capable enough to hold for a longer time, and other relevant issues.

The thing is, these issues usually happen in two cases. As when you don’t have a compatible laptop to run your desired programs or when the old one stops working efficiently.

Does upgrading the RAM and SSD solve the problem?

Yes, you can say to some extent. And tackling some performance issues, it is good to replace or upgrade these tactics. But if the problem is much bigger and requires you to have a whole new system. Then even these upgrades will not be enough. You will need to buy a new laptop with a good and speedy processor, maximum ram and other important features.

How often should you replace your laptop battery?

The laptop’s batteries have different charge cycles or spans. Some of them are limited to 1000 times charge while others might have even less. Therefore, when a battery reaches its maximum charging cycle, it starts losing its efficiency. At this time, you will observe that your laptop is staying on for less time than usual. The battery backpack is declining, and some other signs. Then you will have to replace your laptop battery.

Final sayings

I hope that after reading this article, you have completely known how often should you upgrade your laptop. Listen dear hoe, the solution is simple. Because all you need to do is figure out some problems. And I know that there is no one less knowledgeable these days that runs a laptop and cannot specify whether it needs to be upgraded or replaced. Of course, you can do this, and there is no doubt.

Just make sure that upgrading the Ram, SSD, or replacing the battery solves the problems to some extent. Then it is well and good. However, if nothing works out. Then it is time to have a brand-new laptop, and for that, you certainly will have to spare your pocket.

Hence, with all this, take care of yourself. And never forget to leave a comment if you have any queries to ask. Stay blessed, take care of your laptop and stay happy. Have a good day ahead.

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